Make the Most of Our Initial Call

How to Maximize our Initial No Obligation Phone Call

As you may know, our Consultants provide initial no obligation consultations.  This is our opportunity, and yours, to determine whether our services will be useful to you.  Often, our initial consultation will provide you all you need in terms of advice or direction.  Other times, you may elect to engage our services to assist you with your issues.  Still yet, many no obligation calls result in us telling you we believe you have “no case” (even though you do not want to hear that).  To maximize the value of this call, it is important potential clients are ready to accurately answer basic questions.  These basic questions may include, but are not limited to,

For Individuals Making Inquiry:

  • Race, age, disability (if any).
  • Agency and sub-component.
  • Occupation.
  • Grade and step.
  • EOD date ,SCD date, date of latest assignment.
  • Latest performance rating.
  • Is your position “career ladder?”
  • Are you a bargaining unit member (eligible to join a union)?
  • Are you a dues paying member? If so, to what union?
  • Date of the “event” or “incident” you are calling about.
  • Whether any appeals or complaints have been filed and when.
  • Exact stage of your EEO complaint, if filed.  For example, Informal stage, investigative stage, formal stage,  FAD (Final Agency Determination), Acknowledgement Order received, scheduled for hearing, etc….
  • Exact stage of your grievance.  For example, Step I, II, II.

For Labor Organizations Making Inquiry:

  • Agency and sub-component.
  • Title of official making inquiry and local number and national affiliation.
    • Do you have authority to speak for Union?
  • Specific issue.  For example, ULP, grievance, arbitration, pre-grievance stage, organizational, training, EEO, etc…
  • Valid Master Agreement (union contract) source (where can we get a copy).
  • Valid Local Supplemental Agreements (LSA’s) that may be applicable.
  • Valid source of agency regulations applicable to issue calling about.
  • Union website address.
  • Does your union have legal counsel on staff or retainer?
  • Where we can obtain a copy of training materials.

By having this information ready for the phone call, we can focus on a more substantive discussion to help you get the most from the call.  If you are interested in requesting a no obligation consultation, simply click here.

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