Top Ten Inquiries During Shutdown

These are the top topics of inquiries we have received at InformedFED in connection with the #TRUMPSHUTDOWN.  The order of the type of inquiry may change based on future inquiries.

  1. Can I collect unemployment?
  2. Can I get a different job during a government shutdown?
  3. How do I resign when there is no Human Resources Office?
  4. Do I have to report for work during a government shutdown?
  5. Can I call in sick during a government shutdown?
  6. Can my supervisor call me at home during a government shutdown?
  7. What if I do not have money for gas to commute to work?
  8. Can I be charged AWOL during a government shutdown?
  9. Can I use GoFund Me to solicit money for living expenses?
  10. I do not think I should be categorized as an “essential employee”.

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