About Informed Fed

InformedFED was created by a group of senior practicing experts in the field of federal employee and labor relations in response to the seeming lack of easy access many union officials and most federal employees have to quality expert opinion in matters related to federal employment. These experts formed a consortium and staffed The InformedFED to respond to a deluge of questions concerning possible sequestration furloughs and associated implications.  Within the first seventy-two hours of going public, the site received sixty-one requests to answer questions.  The site received over 12,000 unique hits in response to breaking news of Customs and Border Protection pay increases during the furlough.

InformedFED is a site dedicated to providing valuable and accurate information to employees and Unions concerning federal employee and labor relations (known as ELR or LMR).  The general applicability of information provided is most likely suited for individual employees and local federal labor unions operating under Title 5, Title 38, or Hybrid Title 38 positions.  Expert and senior Agency consultants contribute to site content in a peer review process; all are highly credentialed professionally and academically. These are a variety of experts in the field of EEO, LMR, ELR, and ADR.  Many are current employees of the federal government and still practice.  As such, they may refuse to answer certain questions in those rare instances in which they anticipate a potential conflict of interest.

In addition to providing free information and answers to frequently asked questions, InformedFED also provides expert consultants who offer (individually) fee structured consultation to union officials and individual employees (all grade levels) under the strictest of confidentiality.

InformedFED provides expert administrative consulting and related transactional services to federal employees and labor organizations in all labor and employee relations matters including arbitration, grievances, disciplinary and adverse actions,Unfair Labor Practice Complaints (ULP), EEO Complaints, Reasonable Accommodation and Alternative Dispute Resolution matters (ADR).

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The material on this website is intended to provide only general information and comment to the public and federal employees. Although we make our best efforts to ensure information found on this website is accurate and timely, we cannot, and do not, guarantee the information is either. Nor do we guarantee accuracy of any information contained on websites to which our website provide links.  Do not, under any circumstances, rely on information found on our website as legal advice. It should be considered a general guide. Federal personnel matters are often circumstantially complicated and fact dependent. Consultants offered through this website are not attorneys and are not employees of InformedFED. They are advanced labor and employee relations practitioners. They provide services to clients in their individual capacities through individual agreements with their clients. Though attorneys are not required for representation in administrative matters or proceedings, there are instances in which our consultants may refer you to attorneys or otherwise make such recommendation. In no instance does this site, or consultants associated with this site, infer the provision of legal services.