Consulting Fees

At InformedFED we fully disclose consulting fees from the very start. We understand costs are a serious concern to potential clients.  This is why the InformedFED consulting fees structure is posted on this site and we do not require a large financial commitment.  Clients simply secure the services needed and remain in full control of all costs. We hope this fee structure simplifies the decision making process for potential clients. Questions about consulting? click here. To request a no obligation consultation, click here. As always, initial consultations are without charge or obligation. Initial consultations require up to 30 minutes, so be prepared to answer serious questions as we determine whether our services will prove of value to you in your specific situation.

At this time we are not directly accepting clients from the Veterans Administration (VA). If you are a bargaining unit member, you should contact your local union or the National VA Council.  Non-bargaining unit members should seek other appropriate counsel.

Please note: your consultant will assess your specific facts and circumstances and provide a personalized estimate of the number of hours recommended to perform the scope of services requested under the publicized consulting fees structure.  The consultant will use the assessment to recommend services we provide below. You are never under obligation.

InformedFED Consulting Fees Structure

InformedFED Core Services Fees

  • Initial Consultation
    • No Charge (up to 30 minutes)
      • The purpose of the initial consultation is to assess your situation and determine which aspects may be actionable from our perspective and whether our services and consulting fees will provide value to you.  Initial consultations typically last up to 15-30 minutes and may involve a short document review prior to the consultation.
  • Hourly Rate
    • $160 hourly rate; Minimum 4 hour retainer
      • Our consultants bill on an hourly basis (minimum of 4 hour retainer), with no obligation on your part to commit to large or ongoing retainers. This provides the client maximum flexibility. However, there may be exceptions in certain cases as determined by the consultant.  For example, if the scope of work is clearly expected to exceed the minimum retainer of 4 hours and we believe we cannot meet client expectations within the minimum retainer. Otherwise, you simply retain a consultant for the amount of hours you believe needed or as agreed to in discussion with a consultant.  There is no obligation other than a 4 hour minimum retainer (case dependent). Our hourly rate is all inclusive and there are no hidden fees.  Time is billed in 1/10th hr increments.
      • Consultants are not obligated to accept cases or clients.
  • SF-50 Document Review
    • $125 Flat Rate Fee
      • This flat rate fee provides direct review of a single SF-50.
        • A $25 discount is applied to each additional SF-50.
      • Typical applications include accuracy review, interpretation of Nature of Action Codes (NOA), legal authorities, employee data, position data, and remarks as well as instructive guidance to obtain corrections or expungements to extent possible.
      • Client is advised via a 30 minute phone conference with consultant.
      • This flat rate fee does not include additional casework. The client may elect to secure a retainer as necessary.
  • Federal Job Application Security / Suitability Review 
    • $225 Flat Rate Fee
      • This flat rate fee provides direct review of your federal application documents by a consultant and a followup 30 minute phone consultation in regard to potential security and suitability issues specifically in connection with submission of the OPM form OF-306 Declaration for Employment and your resume.  The consultant will review all documents in connection with your application including the associated vacancy announcement (client provides) and consult with you on security and suitability concerns and best methods in handling and responding to these concerns.
  • “Second Opinion” or Document Review
  • Mediation or Settlement Preparation
    • $400 Flat Rate Fee
      • This service typically applies to mediation or settlement negotiations preparation applicable to matters in EEO, MSPB, arbitration, Last Chance Agreements (LCA), agency ADR programs aside from EEO, and grievance resolution.
      • This flat rate provides limited document review in support of any type of mediation or settlement efforts and up to a 60 minute phone consultation to prepare the client for mediation or settlement negotiations with the agency.  This fee also includes  review of any resulting (subsequent) settlement offer or agreement. This service prepares the employee to professionally present their case at mediation or settlement, advises on procedures and processes, conduct at the table, negotiation techniques, and finalization of agreements and proposed settlement remedies.
      • This flat rate fee does not include additional casework.
  • Initial Case Assessment (ICA) (Case Evaluation)
    • $500 Flat Rate Fee
      • This service typically applies to all aspects of EEO, MSPB, arbitration (union grievance related), Workers Compensation claims, or FLRA cases such as Unfair Labor Practice Complaints. Matters include (not all listed) , pre-complaint and formal complaint at both informal and formal stage of EEO, pre-hearing, EEO PCI Orders, EEO Final Agency Decisions (FAD) and Final Agency Notices, agency proposed adverse actions (all suspensions, removals, and demotions), agency proposed disciplinary actions (general suspensions of 14 days or less), MSPB initial appeals and review of MSPB Initial Decisions, arbitration, Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaints, negotiated grievances. We also conduct reviews and provide guidance concerning FERS Disability retirement applications and Worker’s Compensation claims.
      • This service may also be for you if you are wondering whether your Federal or State employer has discriminated against you; whether you are eligible for FERS disability retirement; how to respond to a proposed adverse action (i.e., removal from federal employment, demotion, or suspension); or whether you can mitigate a security concern that could lead to the denial or revocation of your personnel security clearance or otherwise render you unsuitable for either Federal or State Service, this service is likely your best option. These meetings are typically 60 minutes but may extend to 90 minutes and are conducted virtually by phone conference. We review your facts and supporting documents (if any) explain the rule, law, and regulations and how they apply, and advise you on a recommended course of action and explain other options that may also apply. Our objective is to provide you the tools necessary to make an informed decision for yourself on what course of action to take next in your best interest.
      • This flat fee provides a comprehensive review and determination of whether a client’s presented issue is actionable and in what manner and forum and if it appears to cross over, known as a “Mixed Case Appeal or Complaint”.  The ICA or Case Evaluation includes a full review of evidence, phone conference with client to ascertain facts and circumstances, applicable research and application, as well as a closeout phone conference to provide the client with conclusive guidance on how and whether to proceed.  
      • This flat rate fee does not include additional casework such as EEO PCI development for submission (Preliminary Case Information order), finalizing EEO claims, preparing responses to proposed adverse actions, preparing MSPB appeal submissions, or initiating appeals of Final Agency Decisions (FAD) or MSPB Initial Decisions. The client may elect to secure a retainer as necessary.
  • Review of Report of Investigation (ROI) in Connection with EEO Complaint
    • $550 Flat Rate Fee
      • This flat fee provides a full review of a completed (issued) Report of Investigation (ROI) including analysis of investigated (and amended) claims and evidence in consideration of burdens of proof at either an EEOC hearing, Final Agency Decision (FAD), or settlement negotiations.  Our consultant will conduct a telephone conference to discuss findings and recommendations concerning both the viability and sustainability of your claims in the context of either an elected Final Agency Decision (FAD) or request for an EEOC hearing as well as additional evidentiary options (discovery) prior to hearing. An assessment will also be conducted concerning settlement recommendations.
      • Assess sustainability of claims at hearing in consideration of results of ROI, supplemental discovery, and evidentiary burdens of proof to include assessment of direct and circumstantial evidence.
      • Review and advise on requested remedies in consideration of investigative results of the Report of Investigation.
      • If selecting this option please note that we will need sufficient lead-time to meet the deadlines in electing a FAD, EEOC hearing, or the filing of a Civil Action. Under normal circumstances we require a five calendar day minimum response time from the date we receive all required documents.
      • This flat rate fee does not include additional casework. The client may elect to secure a retainer as necessary.


The contents of this website ( are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions. Consultants at InformedFED are not attorneys. They are senior level practitioners of employee labor relations and EEO. The contents of this website, and the posting and viewing of the information on this website, should not be construed as, and should not be relied upon for, legal or employment advice in any particular circumstance or situation. The information presented on this website may not reflect the most current legal or regulatory developments. No action should be taken in reliance on the information contained on this website and we disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the contents of this site to the fullest extent permitted by law. InformedFED is comprised of independent senior level practitioners and consultants who are not employees of InformedFED.