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Can a Union Negotiate Performance Awards?

In general, awards in the federal service are not considered an entitlement.  That statement is the prevailing guiding principle.  However, in 1997 the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), issued significant rules deregulating performance management systems and related awards.

Quick Word On Performance Appraisals & Bonuses

And we do mean, just a quick word………. This time of year we receive an incredible number of inquiries from federal employees concerning annual performance appraisals and associated (linked or unlinked) bonuses.  Issues related to performance bonuses and appraisals can be…

Performance Appraisals: Mid-Year Reviews

It seems as if we were just discussing end of year performance appraisals for federal employees and here come mid-year reviews.  Performance evaluations, also called performance appraisals, performance ratings, and performance management, can be controversial for a number of reasons.  For…