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When Unions Go Bad

Somewhat regularly, we field calls from union members in the federal sector (and even union officials) regarding issues with union representation or leadership. The issues may involve claims of failure to provide union representation (including adequate representation are most common), the…

Question of Nondisclosure Agreements

What most people agree with, including many of his own supporters, is that Trump is a “shapeshifter” constantly changing positions and never discussing any position in substance or depth or with accuracy.

Due Process in Federal Service

MSPB Issues Comprehensive Report and Explanation As senior level Employee and Labor Relations Specialists, we can directly attest to the fact federal employees are routinely fired (removed from federal service).  This Merit Systems Protection Board report supports our view.  The MSPB…

BREAKING: GOP Proposing Additional Pay-Cuts

This legislation is being proposed on top of all previous legislation adversely affecting federal employees.  By some estimations, employees could lose over 12-15% of their annual pay if all Republican legislation is enacted as written.