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Are You Required to Invoke FMLA?

If a federal employee has sufficient leave balances there is no requirement the affected employee first be approved under the FMLA prior to a supervisor approving the use of accrued sick leave (SL) or accrued annual leave (AL) in lieu of sick leave

LWOP in Connection with OWCP

Leave Without Pay (LWOP) in connection with Office of Worker’s Compensation Claims (DOL OWCP) is a source of confusion for federal employees, as well as agencies.  In our experience, this is largely due to a number of misperceptions of affected employees…

Retroactive Application of VLTP

Donated Leave May be Used Retroactively  Some confusion often arises concerning leave acquired through the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP). Specifically, there may be confusion concerning whether donate leave can be used retroactively.  The confusion arises based on the general…