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What Your Union Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You

The representation of federal employees in discipline and adverse actions is complicated.  In our experience, most local labor unions are not technically prepared to provide such representation to safeguard an employee’s career and future financial security.

Does It Hurt To Have A Union Representative?

The underlying premise of the benefits of representation is that the representative, whether union, friend, legal, or relative, is qualified to provide such representation and more knowledgeable than the person needing the representation.

When Unions Go Bad

Somewhat regularly, we field calls from union members in the federal sector (and even union officials) regarding issues with union representation or leadership. The issues may involve claims of failure to provide union representation (including adequate representation are most common), the…

Can It Hurt To Have A Union Representative?

There is a prevailing theory that it is usually better to have union representation, than not have union representation, given such need.  While we are certainly proponents of labor organizations and their representational roles, particularly since we have been on…

Duty of Fair Representation

“I Hate My Union. They Are Corrupt and Incompetent” That is an actual quote we received from a  dues paying union member of a large federal employee bargaining unit.  Such sentiments are not unusual.  Many union members feel disenfranchised for a variety of…

Union Data Reports

Finding and Retrieving Information on Your Union One of the most common questions we get from federal employees in a bargaining unit is, “how do I find out how much my union spends?”  In that regard, we offer this post.…

FAQ: Union Membership Solicitation

Question: “Can a [federal] union official recruit members during duty hours or official time?” Answer:  Rarely is the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) as clear in other questions as they are with this question.  Unless your Master Agreement or other negotiated instrument…

Grievance Presentation

Some of the best laughs we have in my office are when we read negotiated grievances submitted by union representatives (and sometimes ULP Complaints as well).

FAQ: Unhappy With Union Representation

“When union members feel they are not being represented properly what options do we have in removing elected positions? Recall? Special election? Signature collection? Bid of no confidence?”