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InformedFED is pleased to announce a new mediation and settlement flat fee service for our clients.  We now offer Mediation & Settlement Negotiation preparation.  Specifically, the new service is described as:

Mediation and Settlement Service

  • Mediation and Settlement Preparation
    • $400 Flat Rate Fee
      • This service typically applies to mediation or settlement negotiations preparation applicable to matters in EEO, MSPB, arbitration, Last Chance Agreements (LCA), agency ADR programs aside from EEO, and grievance resolution.
      • This flat rate provides limited document review in support of any type of settlement efforts and up to a 60 minute phone consultation to prepare the client for mediation or settlement negotiations with the agency. This fee also includes review of any resulting (subsequent) settlement offer or agreement. This service prepares the employee to professionally present their case at mediation or settlement, advises on procedures and processes, conduct at the table, negotiation techniques, and finalization of agreements and proposed settlement remedies.
      • This flat rate fee does not include additional casework.


Employees engaged in pro se administrative litigation (for example, EEOC complaints or MSPB appeals) often just seek assistance during specific components of a process in an effort to save money.  This sometimes includes settlement negotiations as most employees have never been involved in these activities and such processes are enigmatic to non-practitioners.  To address this specific need, we now offer the described flat fee service.

The flat fee service will allow affected employees to obtain expert consultation and support for a specific purpose and time without having to commit to our minimum (4 hour) retainer requirement they would perhaps not otherwise need.  


InformedFED strives to provide value added services at reasonable rates to affected employees at the federal, state, and local level of public employment with a predominant focus on federal sector employment.  Our services and fee structure allow public employees to obtain expert consultation in situations in which they may not otherwise be able to obtain such support.  We will work with your local labor organizations when applicable.  We also work with existing legal counsel to supplement their knowledge as needed.

For more information on our fee schedule, click here.


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