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Proving Delivery

In Morgan v. Department of Veterans Affairs, 108 LRP 7740  , EEOC No. 0120080380 (EEOC OFO 2008), a tracking slip showing a notice of right to file was left at a complainant’s doorstep.  However, it was not conclusive evidence the complainant actually received the notice on that day. 

Scanning Documents to Save Time

Background on the Need to Scan Documents Whether before MSPB, EEOC, FLRA, OSC, DOL, negotiated grievances, or arbitration cases, the litigation in these categories all have one thing in common- dealing with extensive documentary evidence; often mountains of scanning documents.…

Leverage the EEO Process If Needed

Federal Employees Should Leverage the EEO Process This article is not intended to serve as a treatise on filing an EEO complaint.  It is intended to serve as an introduction to why you may want to leverage the EEO process rather than the…