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We provide expert consulting and support in administrative litigation to those affected by important federal personnel or labor matters such as discipline, adverse actions (removals and suspensions greater than 14 days), probationary terminations, EEO complaints and investigations (all stages of the Federal EEO process), MSPB and EEOC hearings, FERS disability retirement, negotiated grievances, agency grievances, arbitrations, and the wide array of other issues affecting federal employees and unions.  

How we can help: what we do for federal employees

  • Proposed Disciplinary (suspensions) and Adverse Actions (i.e. removal, demotions)
    • Initial consultation in evaluating the agency’s proposed  disciplinary or adverse action and ensuring all employee rights are asserted.
    • Preparing written responses and supporting evidence files to proposed disciplinary & adverse actions.
    • Preparing you to meet in person with the deciding official.
    • Assist in negotiating and crafting settlement agreements or Last Chance Agreements (LCA’s) to improve future employability.
  • Disciplinary (suspensions) and Adverse Action Decisions (i.e. removal, demotion) Decisions
    • We can help provide you with stability in a very difficult, highly emotional situation by objectively determining your grounds for appeal and avenues of redress in a cost effective manner.
    • Appeals of adverse decisions (effectuated adverse actions of removals or suspension greater than 14 days), to the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) or other applicable adjudicative agencies.
    • Preparing discovery related motions and providing consultation during discovery phase, in pre-hearing procedures, and at hearings before an administrative law judge.
    • Preparing you for status conferences.
    • Preparing motions to assert jurisdiction before MSPB (responding to Jurisdictional Orders).
    • Responding to agency Motions for Summary Judgement (MSJ’s).
    • Assist in negotiating and crafting settlement agreements or Last Chance Agreements (LCA’s) to improve future employability including monetary compensation components.
    • Review settlement agreements.
    • Prepare settlement agreements.
  • EEO Complaints and Appeals
    • Initial consultation in evaluating your unique fact patterns and circumstances to assess viability and sustainability of EEO complaints; structuring of informal and formal claims and chances for settlement.
    • Assisting you in the initiation of EEO counseling (informal stage).
    • Providing expert consultation during EEO counseling and/or alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
    • Preparing formal EEO claims for agency submission in accordance with Title 29 and agency requirements.
    • Filing formal complaints and providing consultation throughout the agency’s administrative investigation stage.
    • Assisting in evidence development and submission.
    • Conducting critical analysis of the final Report of Investigation (ROI) to assess best appeal methods and completeness of the ROI.
    • Assist in negotiating and crafting settlement agreements including monetary compensation components (damages and awards).
    • Prepare discovery related documents and responses to agency motions.
    • Preparing appeals of final agency decisions (FAD’s) to the EEOC Office of Federal Operations.
    • Preparing clients for hearing.
    • Responding to agency Motions for Summary Judgement (MSJ).
    • Filing motions for sanctions.
  • Document and Records Review
    • Deciphering SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action forms (NOAC’s and Legal Authorities). 
    • Assist in correcting inaccurate forms.
    • Reviewing Last Chance Agreements and settlement agreements for administrative sufficiency. 
    • Craft Last Chance Agreement and settlement agreement counter-proposals that meet administrative requirements.
  • Reasonable Accommodation
    • Initial consultation in evaluating your specific facts and circumstances in connection with Reasonable Accommodation request.
    • Review of medical evidence for administrative sufficiency determination. 
    • Assist with formal filing of reasonable accommodation request.
    • Prepare formal written request and written responses to agency inquiries and requests for additional information.
    • Prepare written informal and formal EEO appeals in connection with denials of Reasonable Accomodation.
  • FERS Regular & Disability Retirement
    • General consultations.
    • Review medical evidence to determine its administrative sufficiency in support of your disability retirement application.
    • Assist you in obtaining agency held evidence in support of your FERS disability application. 
    • Assist you in preparing your Standard Form 3107, Application for Immediate Retirement (FERS), and Standard Form 3112, Documentation In Support of Disability Retirement.
    • Assist you in requesting reconsideration of U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Initial Decision denying your application for disability retirement when necessary.
    • Assist you in appealing OPM’s Final Decision denying your application for disability retirement to the U.S. Merit System Protection Board (MSPB).
  • Federal Workers Compensation (OWCP)
    • General consultation.
    • Preliminary reviews of filings.
    • Defense of agency actions proposed in connection with rejected OWCP claims.
  • Suitability Adjudication Issues
    • Responding to preliminary inquiries requiring employee responses (explanations).
    • Appealing negative suitability adjudications.
    • Conducting associated application for employment assessment.

Our consulting and litigation support services allow federal employees to control costs while still obtaining needed expertise and support necessary for adequate representation in defending their professional and linked financial interests.  More detailed information can be obtained by visiting the following specific pages:

At this time we are not directly accepting clients from the Veterans Administration (VA). If you are a bargaining unit member, you should contact your local union.  Non-bargaining unit members should seek other appropriate counsel.


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