Client List

Federal Agency and Department Client List

Our client list is wide ranging. We have serviced individual federal employees at all grade levels (GS-4 through GS-15 and equivalent grades in other personnel systems) within the following departments and a wide array of agencies or sub-components within those departments. We provide a wide array of services concerning many federal personnel matters such as performance, performance based actions, investigations, discipline, adverse actions removals, demotions, suspensions greater than 14 days), EEOC complaints and claims, MSPB and arbitration appeals, agency grievance procedures, non selection claims, FOIA requests, and many more. InformedFED does not advertise in any forum other than this website.

Federal Labor Unions

InformedFED has worked directly with, or on behalf of, a number of local unions within the following federal labor organizations. Working behind the scenes, we provide direct support to union leaders and their members. We have assisted in negotiations through consultation, prepared Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaints, written Demand to Bargains, assisted in arbitration preparation and briefs, advised on local union policies, as well as a wide array of other services. We are often contacted to supplement knowledge and/or manpower as well as train union representatives (stewards) on representational operations.

State, Local, and County Public Employment

InformedFED also provides services to public employees at the state level of public employment and below (county and local municipality). These services are usually in the form of consulting on personnel actions, appeals, and benefits.


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