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Take the Time to Check Your Official Personnel Folder

Every federal employee should make time to check their Official Personnel Folder (OPF) at least once a year.  We also recommend you download a complete copy (it is an option). Since most agencies have transitioned to the Electronic version (E-OPF), doing so no longer requires an unwelcome trip to Human Resources and dealing with uninviting clerks. Follow your agency instructions (contact your local HR if needed) to access your E-OPF or visit the Official Personnel Management (OPM) E-OPF portal log-in at this link:

OPM Description of the OPF

The Official Personnel Folder (Standard Form 66) is a file containing records for an individual’s federal employment career. Employees with OPFs are those in the Executive Branch service, as listed in Title V of the United States Code and some federal employees not under Title V. The long-term records in the file are included to protect the legal and financial rights of the government and the employee. The OPF is part of the government-wide system of records

What Goes in Your OPF

  • Documents showing your Federal appointment was valid (Examples: the Appointment Affidavit; the Declaration for Federal Employment).
  • Verification of your military service credit for leave, reduction-in-force, or retirement (Examples: the DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty; the Military Service Deposit Election).
  • Documents establishing your employment history – your grades, occupations and pay (Example: the Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action).
  • Record of your choices under Federal benefits programs (Examples: the Health Benefits Registration Form; the Designation of Beneficiary under the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program).

Important Note:  If you separate from the agency, for any reason, you will lose access to your Electronic OPF.  Therefore, for example, if the agency proposes your removal, we recommend you immediately download a full copy prior to the agency decision (in the event it does not go your way).  

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