The Initial Case Assessment

We often receive inquiries from prospective clients who are involved in some type of administrative personnel litigation and are confused.  This confusion typically relates to the unfamiliarity and complexity of certain actions such as a proposed removal or disciplinary action, a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), FERS disability retirement, denial of a Reasonable Accommodation (RA) request, or Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint to name just a few types of personnel matters affecting federal employees.  In some instances, there may be combined issues such as FERS disability retirement and Reasonable Accommodation.  One of the critical services InformedFED provides that can clear confusion and provide a path forward is the Initial Case Assessment (ICA).  

The Initial Case Assessment (ICA) was specifically designed to assist employees in determining a path forward when confronted with complicated administrative matters in connection with the personnel system.  This service can be used at any stage of an issue, even if at the advanced stage of a process. In general, following an assessment and analysis of primary source evidence and information, we inform clients of our professional opinion as to whether they “have a case.”  For example, an employee wondering what the next steps may be following receipt of a proposed disciplinary action or removal and whether they should appeal or resign.  In some cases, an employee may be confused as whether they should file an EEO complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or directly file with the Merit Systems  Protection Board (MSPB).  In other cases employees may be dealing with a suitability determination issue.

This flat fee service provides a comprehensive review and determination of whether a client’s presented issue is actionable (appealable) and in what manner and forum and if it appears to cross over, known as a “Mixed Case Appeal or Complaint” in matters involving adverse actions and potential discrimination.  The Initial Case Assessment includes a full review of evidence, phone conference interview with client to ascertain facts and circumstances, applicable research and application, as well as a closeout phone conference to provide the client with conclusive guidance on how and whether to proceed. In some instances, the client may wish to retain our services further but there is never an obligation.  This flat rate fee does not include additional casework such as EEO PCI development for submission (Preliminary Case Information order), finalizing EEO claims, preparing responses to proposed adverse actions, preparing MSPB appeal submissions, or initiating appeals of Final Agency Decisions (FAD) or MSPB Initial Decisions.


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